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Replace those Old Smoke Alarms

Im a local Firefighter that specializes in smoke and fire alert systems for homes. Call me for a free estimate to replace your homes old detectors with brand new alarms and batteries.

Do you have your original smoke detectors?

Is your home over 10 years old?

Does your house have a CO detector?

It is recommended to replace your homes smoke detectors every 10 years by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency)
-Remember 10 and 6.
Replace after 10 years, change batteries after 6 months.
**On the back of every smoke alarm is a date of manufacture. That dates tell you how old your alarms are. Replace them every 10 years or smoke alarms start to fail.

Do you know someone that needs an updated smoke detector system?

Alarms chirping at night?

Alarms more than 10 years old? Yellow tint?

Can’t reach your smoke detectors?

All of these I can help with!

NFPA states ” 75% of all deadly fires were attrubited to non-working, or defective smoke detectors.”

“On average a family has 3 minutes to exit the home before being overcome by heat/smoke.”

I get my detectors factory direct and are way cheaper than store bought brands (normally half the price)

I also upgrade older homes with 1 or 2 smoke detectors to today’s fire safety standards using wireless technology. I install all
Hardwired, battery or wireless.

60 happy customers/homes since starting in march 2017!

Your families safety is our #1 priority.
Smoke Detector Medic

Call me or check out my website with any questions or a free estimate.


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