Fire alarms

Change your Clocks, Change your batteries!

March 11th 2018 is the date to change your clocks. Here are a few tips to follow when checking your smoke alarms.

Test your alarms by pushing the button in the middle and hearing them alarm. Hear them all alarm and make sure each alarm is tested and functional.

Check the date on the back of each of alarm. Each alarm will have a date of manufacture on the back. 10 years from that date you need to replace every alarm.

Make sure to change your batteries 2x a year.

Make sure to check and change your smoke alarm batteries, you neighbors will thank you, your pets will thank you, your family will thank you. Be safe and take of what matters most. It only takes a few minutes to be safe.

As always if you run into any issues please give the PROS at Smoke Detector PRO a call 636-293-0231 to change your smoke detector batteries.


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