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Cost benefit of having us servicing your smoke alarms

The most common question I get asked. How often do smoke alarms need to replaced? 10 years the second most asked question is how much I compare to hardware stores. To tell this fully I must tell you a story.

A home I finished updating alarms in early April, had many problems. The homeowner gave me a call to come out and fix her situation. Her smoke alarm situation. You know, alarms buzzing through the night, chirps, alarm wires hanging from the ceiling. First thing I think of is the alarms must be the originals to home(over 10 years old) Home is 19 years old. I schedule an appointment.

The day comes I arrive. She shows me around the home. There they are wires hanging from the ceiling, no smoke alarms anywhere in the home. They had gotten fed up of hearing chirps in the middle of the night. Interestingly enough the alarm base plates (where the alarms mount to) look brand new. Brand new wires hanging from the ceiling.

I investigate further to find out the homeowner had her brother come over, after she had spent $240 at a local department store for new smoke alarms. He installed them and that was that. Well to find out he installed the wrong wires in the wiring harness. Some had batteries in backwards!!

Smoke Dectector Pro came out, fixed everything wrong with the system she just bought. Total cost for brand new alarms, batteries and installation $260.

She was able to take back the alarms she bought, get her money back and have even better alarms installed correctly for only $20 more. The sleepless nights, taking alarms down and trying to fix them were over. The homeowner told me if she could recommend my service to everyone she would.

I get my alarms much cheaper than department stores, this adds up when you have 6+ alarms in a home! All with even better detection than store bought. My services, smoke alarms and benefits of having a pro install it for almost the same price!

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