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Cost benefit of having us servicing your smoke alarms

The most common question I get asked. How often do smoke alarms need to replaced? 10 years the second most asked question is how much I compare to hardware stores. To tell this fully I must tell you a story.

A home I finished updating alarms in early April, had many problems. The homeowner gave me a call to come out and fix her situation. Her smoke alarm situation. You know, alarms buzzing through the night, chirps, alarm wires hanging from the ceiling. First thing I think of is the alarms must be the originals to home(over 10 years old) Home is 19 years old. I schedule an appointment.

The day comes I arrive. She shows me around the home. There they are wires hanging from the ceiling, no smoke alarms anywhere in the home. They had gotten fed up of hearing chirps in the middle of the night. Interestingly enough the alarm base plates (where the alarms mount to) look brand new. Brand new wires hanging from the ceiling.

I investigate further to find out the homeowner had her brother come over, after she had spent $240 at a local department store for new smoke alarms. He installed them and that was that. Well to find out he installed the wrong wires in the wiring harness. Some had batteries in backwards!!

Smoke Dectector Pro came out, fixed everything wrong with the system she just bought. Total cost for brand new alarms, batteries and installation $260.

She was able to take back the alarms she bought, get her money back and have even better alarms installed correctly for only $20 more. The sleepless nights, taking alarms down and trying to fix them were over. The homeowner told me if she could recommend my service to everyone she would.

I get my alarms much cheaper than department stores, this adds up when you have 6+ alarms in a home! All with even better detection than store bought. My services, smoke alarms and benefits of having a pro install it for almost the same price!

Give us a call and we will get you set up right the first time!

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Fire alarms

Know your facts

Know your facts. Homes are not made like they used to be. With building materials being much more flammable, alerting your family as soon as possible is key in the event of a fire. Updating old alarms (older than 10+ years) is paramount to having safe working fire alarms in your home.

Give us a call to update your old smoke alarms. Our #1 priority is your family’s safety.
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Fire alarms

How Does our Business stand out?


We raise the bar in education and protection of your home. Smoke and fire alarms are the most important early alert system in your home! Take very good care of them and they will take care of you! Don’t go another day without letting the Pro’s at Smoke detector PRO help get you safe! Your neighbor’s will thank you, your pets will thank you, your family will thank you and your home will thank you. It’s easy to replace and update your smoke detectors its very hard to replace your home!

Here is a true story of a customer I took care of to make her feel safe in her home again.

I recently was in a home that was purchased 2 years prior. The home was a foreclosure. The home went through inspection and passed! Now remember it passed. The homeowner called Smoke Detector Pro to come out and check here smoke alarms, as they were way over 10 years old. (Need to replace smoke alarms every 10 years) Smoke Detector Pro went through our process walking through the home and checking each smoke alarm. Right from the beginning I noticed several alarms did not have a light on. Further investigation revealed the alarms had been disconnected from their wiring and batteries taken out. The alarms were put back in place, (acting like it was still working).

Now you may think this is okay as they have other smoke alarms in their home, but 4 of them were this way! What makes matters worse is all 4 of these disconnected smoke detectors were in the kids rooms! I immediatly showed the homeowner who instantly started crying. I reassured her I would fix the situation and get their family safe again.

If their had been a real fire, the alarms would have not gone off alerting the children to get out of the home. Even after their home inspection gave them the all clear, their home was still unsafe! Lesson to be learned is to always check your smoke alarms. Test them. If you have issues don’t be afraid to give us a call. We will help ANY situation.

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Fire alarms

Change your Clocks, Change your batteries!

March 11th 2018 is the date to change your clocks. Here are a few tips to follow when checking your smoke alarms.

Test your alarms by pushing the button in the middle and hearing them alarm. Hear them all alarm and make sure each alarm is tested and functional.

Check the date on the back of each of alarm. Each alarm will have a date of manufacture on the back. 10 years from that date you need to replace every alarm.

Make sure to change your batteries 2x a year.

Make sure to check and change your smoke alarm batteries, you neighbors will thank you, your pets will thank you, your family will thank you. Be safe and take of what matters most. It only takes a few minutes to be safe.

As always if you run into any issues please give the PROS at Smoke Detector PRO a call 636-293-0231 to change your smoke detector batteries.


Fire alarms

Smoke detectors

March 11, 2018 that is a day change your clocks. Now while your at it,change your smoke detector batteries. Test your smoke detectors. Make sure they all work and are all going off! If any issues were to arrise give the pros a call at Smoke Detector PRO

Its very easy to make sure to replace a battery its very hard to have to replace your home. Safe gaurd your home with new smoke detectors and batteries.