DeAnne Todd review

“Randy assesses your home and needs so that you have the best protection in case of fire or gas leak. Because we have a high vaulted ceiling, he suggested a smoke detector that wouldn’t need battery replacement for the life of the unit. No more getting on ladders to replace a chirping (and potentially ineffective) smoke detector. Totally recommend Randy!”


Vicki Mount review

“Professional, helpful, and customer-service oriented. Would highly recommend!!”


Matthew Menjeis review

“Great service. Randy replaced all of my smoke detectors. Strongly recommend!”


Traci Van Horn review

“I can’t say enough good things. Our house is 13 years old and our smoke detectors started going off last night. I called Randy and he was able to come out today and replaced all of our detectors and added CO detectors to each floor. It was a quick and painless process. Don’t wait until your smoke detectors go bad and start going off, trust me it’s not fun. Call and get Randy to come out and replace them!”


Kathi Weir Marshall review

“We had Randy come today to replace all our old smoke detectors. He was very professional and knowledgable and explained everything to us. He replaced all 7 alarms within an hour. He recommend one of the detectors with a 10 year battery that you never have to change for the high one in our vaulted living room. Great that we don’t have to worry anymore about getting someone to replace the battery for us every 6 months. He also installed an combo smoke and carbon monoxide detector. He did a fine job, I would highly recommend. No more worrying about my alarms being over 10 years (they were actually 12 yrs old) and chirping off and on.”


Sharon A Bergjans review

Replacing smoke alarm batteries 2 times a year never worked for me – batteries would wear out at random times. So I quit replacing the batteries. Every night I went to bed looking at a smoke alarm with the battery door open. When I contacted Randy he responded very quickly and we talked about my concerns. Today he replaced all of my smoke alarms with the 10 year battery! I no longer have to worry about changing batteries and the cost comparison for the 10 year battery alarms was in my favor. He also recommended two alarms with CO detectors, which I didn’t have before. Randy did a great job, reviewed the alarms with me, and made sure I know that I can contact him if needed. He is very nice, cleaned up the mess, and now I feel safer. Thank you, Randy!”


All google, facebook and Nextdoor customer 5 star reviews! We are very grateful for your business and having us be the trusted fire protection service for you!