****”Replace old smoke detectors in home. I asked Smoke Detector Medic to come out and try and diagnose the beeping noise that I thought I was hearing from my wired smoke dectector system. Randy was very accommodating with my schedule, and he and his wife showed up right on time to fix the problem. He figured out what the issue was and we got the beeping noise to stop. He thoroughly checked all my alarms and showed me that they were actually past their expiration date and really needed to be swapped out. He installed new smoke detectors and batteries so I am now reassured that the system is working correctly. Randy, a firefighter, is very knowledgeable and friendly, and I appreciated the work he did. I have vaulted ceilings and he brought out a ladder to reach the alarms. I was impressed by the service, and I will be asking him to come out every year and replace batteries and recheck the system. Highly recommend, especially if you have tall ceilings and hard to reach smoke detectors, or if you need someone with professional experience to check to make sure they are working correctly.”

****”My whole house alarm system would go off every three to four months, for no reason. This had been happening over the past four years with no smoke or fire detected any of the times. Each time I changed the batteries in all the detectors but the problem persisted. Randy came to the house the day after I called. He diagnosed the problem as a wiring harness issue in a downstairs bedroom. He had a new harness assembly installed the same day and the alarm has not gone off since it was done four months ago. Thanks Randy. No more midnight false alarms.”