I created Smoke Detector PRO LLC to help a growing community understand the importance of fire safety, while offering a low cost service. Fire and EMS respond to thousands of calls per year in St Charles County. In my years of experience I’ve seen many calls good and bad. Many times inexperience and lack of knowledge of how to properly maintain your household safety equipment was the culprit of several deadly incidents. Smoke detectors are the forefront of your families protection. Dryer vent cleaning is also needing to be checked annually. These especially need to be checked monthly for operation. Every 6 months or spring/fall the batteries should be changed.


Our growing community relies heavily on local Fire departments to change and maintain our smoke detectors and CO detectors. They do an excellent job! But there are some factors you have to take into account. Many times trucks are out of position when an emergency call comes out while changing a homeowners smoke detector batteries. This creates a delay in response, when minutes count, that can be the difference between life and death. Many times we are so busy we cannot respond to non emergent smoke alarm calls as we are busy with real emergency calls. This service I provide will help relieve this need.

Here at Smoke Detector Pro we:

  • Service smoke detectors including battery replacement, cleaning and diagnosing smoke detector problems.
  • Replacement and installation of existing smoke detector system. This includes taking down hard to reach fire alarms and replacing them with the equivalent unit.
  • Dryer Vent cleaning and inspection
  • Upgrade and installation of existing smoke and fire alarm system.
  • Fire extinguishers
  • 1000+ happy home’s and counting!

How does our business stand out?

We raise the bar in education and protection of your home. Smoke and fire alarms are the most important early alert system in your home! Take very good care of them and they will take care of you! Don’t go another day without letting the Pro’s at Smoke detector PRO help you get you safe! Your neighbors will thank you, your pets will thank you, your family will thank you and your home will thank you. It’s easy to replace and update your smoke detectors, its impossible to replace you and your family!

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Proudly serving Wentzville Lake St. Louis O’Fallon St. Peters Dardenne Prairie Cottleville and St. Charles.

With appointment St. Louis County.